Artificial Intelligence: Diffuse apocalypse, tangible risks

We are still far from an Artificial Intelligence aware of itself and capable of self-improvement, as well as from the threat of a machine that surpasses us in all areas. However, the risks and unintended effects of its use are real and tangible

Artificial Intelligence, instrument of a new cold war?

In this decade about to end, Artificial Intelligence seems to give again geopolitical meaning to technological development. Competition between China and the US can lead to a bleak future, or a repeat of the Cold War with cyber weapons.

The world of Tensorflow, artificial intelligence as a service

Tensorflow World 2019 was the launch event of a whole Google strategy to offer Artificial Intelligence as a service, that leverages on the most popular library for the deployment of applications based on deep neural networks.

Clustering with Artificial Intelligence and Human Development Indexes

Supporting the search for solutions to the world's social and environmental challenges is one of the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence. As an example, we apply ML clustering techniques to the Municipal Human Development Report 2015.

Natural language processing with Artificial Intelligence, what you probably meant

The ability to communicate with computers using natural language would make them more useful and would help increase the confidence with which we use them.

Artificial Intelligence, a new culture for technological advancement

While technological factors support the advancement of artificial intelligence, culture of openness and collective effort increases the speed of advances, the dissemination of knowledge, and access to technology for more people and businesses.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Careers of the Future?

Studying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Data Science seems a good idea to seize opportunities in areas that will play an important role in the coming years, or to prevent their development from jeopardizing our career and personal future.

Artificial Intelligence, do we have to reason to think?

The ability to replicate human decisions without rules or knowledge generates a great debate about the mind, do thought and behavior emerge from thousands of components of a large network of simple units that do not reason?

Automated decisions with Artificial Intelligence, a matter of classification.

Decision automation is one of the areas of AI with the highest growth. Its development is subject of debate, both because of the type decisions being automated and because its use reveals aspects that sometimes are not analyzed when a person decides.

Is data the oil of Artificial Intelligence? Should they pay you for yours?

Data is the oil of Artificial Intelligence in the sense that it is the input to generate its extraordinary applications,  but the situation of the owner of an oiled land has nothing to do with that of data owners.