Constellations, images and customers. Finding sense with machine learning.

Machine learning clustering algorithms combine human creativity in their creation with the power of computers to help make sense of information that often seems confusing.

Artificial Intelligence and Employment, the Big Unknown.

There are various estimates of jobs that may be affected by Artificial Intelligence, both in Mexico and the world, but no one knows the net effect. What does all this mean for an individual person?

Machine Learning: 21st Century Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning algorithms and techniques have overcome human performance in many activities that involve data analysis. They also make possible inferences that were previously not feasible or practical to perform.

Artificial intelligence in business, a topic for everyone?

The decision to deploy AI tools in a business is not easy, but opportunities are many and the benefits huge if you start with a clear view of the value that is added to the business and robust deployment and data strategies.

Deep neural networks, or Perceptron vs dogs and cats

Deep neural networks have revolutionized Artificial Intelligence and are behind advanced facial recognition systems, creating texts by a computer, and driving autonomous vehicles. Find out how they work.

Vulcan and the four seasons, or the history of AI

Dreams and expectations, technological advancement and the conception of the human mind are the three forces that historically, and even today, set the speed and direction of AI progress.

To pass Turing's test

Turing's test has become the quintessential framework for an easy to understand explanation of the areas that make up the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Autonomous machines acting & thinking for us

Making the potential benefits of autonomous machines a reality requires society and government to set rules to ensure acceptable behavior of them, that preserve people's rights.

Is artificial intelligence intelligent?

When computers beat world champions in games, make medical diagnoses, answer questions, paint pictures or write poems, are they thinking? Is artificial intelligence intelligent?

Artificial Intelligence, the SciFi future in which we live in

When we hear about Artificial Intelligence, we almost always get the image of an android that acts and thinks like a human being, that is why we often don't notice that we already live surrounded by it.