Coronavirus and data: looking for a vantage point

If we count the confirmed cases per million inhabitants, to consider the size of each country, and we follow the increase since they got more than 1 per million, so they all start at the same time, the situation of the pandemic COVID19 appears different.

COVID-19. Data and Artificial Intelligence in the fight against the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic comes in historical circumstances that give it unprecedented scope and impact. However, there are also circumstances with the potential to make a difference in our favour in the fight against this threat.

Women and Artificial Intelligence. Impossible without them.

We preserve a society in which access and/or the possibility of advancing in various areas of human endeavor are limited for women. Despite this, women’s contribution to Artificial Intelligence is richer and more dynamic than ever before.

Reinforcement learning. Artificial Intelligence with all the time in the world

What if we could travel to a dimension where time runs faster, practice an activity for tens or hundreds of years and return with the acquired skill, after only weeks or months? Something like that is what Reinforcement Learning with AI achieves.

Data analysis and decision-making in the times of Artificial Intelligence

A good starting point for developing a data-driven culture is a framework to understand the different types of analyses and perspectives that support decision-making, as well as the contribution of tools such as Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, just what the doctor ordered

Advances in medicine, as well as greater coverage and easier access, result in better quality of life and life expectancy. That's why applying Artificial Intelligence techniques in healthcare is an important area of research.

Computer Vision: The World Through the Eyes of Artificial Intelligence

The spectacular advances of computer vision applications with Artificial Intelligence have created what is known as the second wave of AI, that of perception, in which some systems achieve to exceed the level of human performance.

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: From words to deeds

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in recent years is accompanied by a growing discussion of the ethical implications of their use. Why all the worry? what makes them different from other technologies?

Games, routes and circuits, problem solving with Artificial Intelligence

Poblem solving with Artificial Intelligence helps you find a way to get to a place, design an integrated circuit, or develop a system that defeats a videogame's world champion team. Find out its principles and techniques.

From lab to street with Artificial Intelligence, a whole different matter

The findings of the investigation report of the accident in which Elaine Herzberg, the first fatal victim of an accident with an autonomous vehicle, died reveal the need for a culture of safety in the design and testing of technology